PC Thomas Barrett 226H

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PC Thomas Barrett 226H

PC Thomas Barrett 226H was the officer on duty who was found by John Saunders Reeves after finding the body of Martha Tabram on the morning of 7th August 1888. Martha Tabram was murdered in George Yard Buildings.

PC Thomas Barrett was shown the body of a middle-aged woman, plump and about five feet three inches in height.

Her hair and complexion were both dark. She was wearing a black bonnet, long black jacket, dark-green skirt, brown petticoat and stockings. She lay on her back with her hands lying by her sides, tightly clenched. Her legs were open.

Thomas Barrett told the inquest two days later that the clothes were in such a position that 'in my mind recent intimacy had taken place'.

Even though the woman was dead Barrett sent for a doctor. Dr Timothy Robert Killeen of 68 Brick Lane arrived in George Yard at about 5.30am.