Dr Timothy Robert Killeen

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Dr Timothy Robert Killeen

Dr Timothy Robert Killeen was called to George Yard Buildings after PC Thomas Barrett 226H had discovered the body of Martha Tabram in the early hours of 7th August 1888.

Dr Killeen discovered that http://crimehub.co.uk/index.php?title=Martha_Tabram Martha Tabram] had been stabbed at least thirty-nine times.

Dr Killeen concluded that she had been dead for about three hours and gave instructions for the body to be at once removed to the mortuary. Martha's body was sent to the deadhouse belonging to the workhouse infirmary in Old Montague Street.

Dr Killeen said death was due to haemorrhage and loss of blood.

Dr Timothy Robert Killeen conducted the post-mortem and gave his summary to the inquest on 9th August 1888.