Assistant Chief Constable Oldfield

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Assistant Chief Constable Oldfield took over personal direction of the inquiry after the brutal murder of Jayne MacDonald (16) and set up an incident room at Millgarth Police Station in Leeds.

George Oldfield also took control of the attempted murder of Maureen Long on l0th July 1977 in Bradford.

George Oldfield was also to take charge of the Helen Rytka murder investigation. On the 31st January 1978, Helen Rytka, an active prostitute, was murdered by Peter Sutcliffe in Huddersfield. Oldfield established an incident room at Huddersfield.

George Oldfield was the recipient of most of the "Sunderland Letters" - including a cassette tape purporting to be from the murderer. The first letter to be received was postmarked "Sunderland 1.45pm 8th March 1978", and addressed to Mr. Oldfield. The author of the letter claimed to have committed the series of crimes and signed the letter "Jack The Ripper".

On the 6th August 1979 Assistant Chief Constable Oldfield, who had been showing increasing signs of strain, developed what was officially described as a chest infection but is generally regarded as having been a series of heart attacks. He remained off-duty on sick leave until the 6th January 1980.