Millgarth Police Station, Leeds

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Detective Chief Superintendent Hoban established an incident room at Millgarth Police Station, Leeds, when investigating the murder of Emily Jackson.

Detective Chief Superintendent Hobson, who had replaced Chief Superintendent Hoban in the Eastern Crime Area, also created an incident room at Millgarth Police Station, Leeds, for investigating the murder of Irene Richardson.

After the murder of Jayne MacDonald (16) it became evident that things were becoming so serious that Assistant Chief Constable Oldfield took over personal direction of the inquiry and set up an incident room at Millgarth Police Station.

Following the murder of Helen Rytka the nominal indexes and vehicle indexes from the Wilma McCann, Emily Jackson, Irene Richardson, Patricia Atkinson, Jayne MacDonald and Maureen Long cases were centralised at Millgarth Police Station and subsequently amalgamated into an integrated index. This incident room continued to monitor the series inquiry until Sutcliffe’s arrest.