Wynne E Baxter

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Wynne E Baxter

Wynne E Baxter was the Coroner for the South Eastern District of Middlesex.

Annie Millwood Inquest

Coroner Baxter was present at the inquest of Annie Millwood in April 1888. Annie’s death was determined as a "sudden effusion into the pericardium from the rupture of the left pulmonary artery through ulceration". In other words, she died from natural causes. This verdict was despite Annie being viciously attacked and receiving "numerous stabs in the legs and lower part of the body" on 25th February 1888.

Martha Tabram Murder

Baxter was on holiday in Scandinavia on 9th August 1888 when the inquest of Martha Tabram was opened.

In his absence George Collier, the deputy coroner, opened the proceedings, which were held in the library of the Working Lads’ Institute, Whitechapel Road.