Special Notice - 19th September 1979 - Yorkshire Ripper Inquiry

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On the 13th September 1979 a "Special Notice" was issued by the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police to all forces in the country giving details of 16 murders and attempted murders then linked together in the series together with details of the tyre tracks from the Richardson, Moore and Millward incidents and also details of the 'Sunderland” letters and tape.

None of the descriptions or photofit impressions provided by surviving victims was included and a crucial section of the notice said that:

A person can be eliminated from these inquiries if:—

(a) Not born between 1924 and 1959

(b) He is an obvious coloured person

(c) His shoe size is size 9 or above

(d) His blood group is other than B

(e) His accent is dissimilar to a North Eastern (Geordie) accent.