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Robert Paul

Robert Paul, a carman, of 30 Foster Street, was one of the first people to find Mary Ann Nichols' body laying on the pavement in Buck's Row. He was called over by Charles Cross.

It was 3.40am on Friday 31st August 1888, and with it still being dark they appeared to have missed Mary's horrific injuries. Mary Ann Nichols was lying on the pavement, on her back, with her skirts raised almost to her stomach.

In Baker’s Row, at the junction of Hanbury and Old Montague Street, they met PC Mizen 55H and told him of their discovery.

Unknown to PC Mizen 55H, Cross and Paul, at around 3.45am PC John Neil 97J had discovered the body of Mary Ann Nichols. The body hadn't been there when PC Neil had patrolled 30 minutes earlier.