Jacqueline Hill - Yorkshire Ripper Victim

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On the 17th November 1980 the final murder in the series was committed when Jacqueline Hill was killed by Sutcliffe near the Arndale Centre in Leeds. After being disabled by a number of violent hammer blows to the head she was dragged onto waste ground and her exposed body was stabbed.

Detective Superintendent Findlay took charge of the inquiry and established an incident room at Belle Vue, Leeds. The murder was linked with the Ripper series and circulated to all forces in an edition of "Police Reports" published on 19th November. A number of suspects had been sighted in the area and inquiries were also made to trace a squarish looking car which had been seen being driven in the wrong direction of Alma Road, a one way street, near to the crime scene, at about the time when Jacqueline Hill was killed.