George Akin Lusk

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George Akin Lusk was the Chairman of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee. On 16th October, 1888, he received the so-called Lusk kidney, and a letter to become known as "The From Hell Letter", otherwise known as the "Lusk Letter".

Dr William Sedgewick Saunders had the view that the murderer possessed no anatomical knowledge. Later he gave the view that the kidney sent to George Lusk was nothing more than a student prank.

Dr Henry Gowan Sutton also reported on the kidney sent to George Lusk, he stated that it was his firm opinion that the kidney had been placed in spirits within a few hours of its removal from the body. This meant that it could not have come from a dissecting room because such organs would not be preserved so quickly.

The kidney couldn't be proven to be that taken from Catherine Eddowes when she was brutally murdered.