Detective Chief Superintendent Domaille

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Detective Chief Superintendent Domaille of the Western Crime Area led the investigation into the brutal murder of Patricia Atkinson. Prostitute Patricia Atkinson operated from a flat in Bradford. It was at this flat on the 23rd April 1977 that Peter Sutcliffe murdered her.

Patricia Atkinson was killed by four blows to her head with a hammer after which her body was exposed and stabbed repeatedly with a knife or chisel. An incident room was established at the area headquarters at Bradford.

On the 25th April 1978 Detective Chief Superintendent Domaille was appointed to conduct an internal review of the Ripper investigation. Detective Superintendent Slater was later to take command of the investigation. Their report was submitted to the Chief Constable in December 1979.

On the 26th April 1978 Detective Chief Superintendent Domaille contacted the Police Scientific Development Branch and asked for assistance. Vehicle indexes spotted in "red light" areas were to be stored and processed on the Police National Computer.