What cars did Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, own?

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Cars known to be owned by Peter Sutcliffe

Ford Capri - EUA 831K

EUA 831K - At the time of his marriage to Sonia Szurma Peter Sutcliffe owned a lime green Ford Capri with the registered number EUA 831K.

At the end of April / beginning of May 1976 Peter Sutcliffe disposed of his Ford Capri.

Ford Corsair - KWT 721D

KWT 721D - During May 1976 Sutcliffe acquired a white Ford Corsair saloon registered number KWT 721D.

Records show that Peter Sutcliffe sold his white Ford Corsair, KWT 721D, on 3rd September 1977. It was established by police that although he had sold the car he kept possession of it for several weeks.

Ford Corsair - PHE 355G

On the 26th September 1977 he bought a red Corsair with the registered number PHE 355G.