Did Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe kill Fred Craven?

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Fred Craven was a bookmaker from Bingley, West Yorkshire.

Craven was brutally murdered in 1966 with a hammer, the tool widely used by the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe.

Peter Sutcliffe strenuously denies murdering Fred Craven and wrote to Christine Talbot, a reporter for ITV.

The letter was written to Christine Talbot, presenter of ITV's Yorkshire news programme, Calendar.

ITV had written to Peter Sutcliffe to put to him allegations that he had murdered Mr Craven and attacked a second man, Leeds taxi driver John Tomey.

Irene Vidler, Fred Craven's 74 year old daughter, told the Calendar program that she remained convinced Peter Sutcliffe murdered her Father.

Irene said: "He knew us quite well, he used to come to our house for tea when we were children. He placed bets with my dad".