Did Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe attack Taxi Driver John Tomey?

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John Tomey, a taxi driver, suffered life-long brain injuries when he was attacked by a passenger with a hammer as he drove him across the moors near Bingley in 1967.

John Tomey, now 77, says that the attack has ruined his life.

The artist's impression of Tomey's attacker was strikingly similar to Peter Sutcliffe.

Following Sutcliffe's arrest Tomey was shown photos of suspects. He is adamant that he selected Sutcliffe in "less than 20 seconds".

Sutcliffe strenuously denies attacking Tomey and claims he has never attacked or murdered any males.

Sutcliffe is also suspected of the murder of Bingley Bookmaker Fred Craven who was brutally murdered with a hammer in 1966.